Research & Development

Sphere Ultrafast Photonics is devoted to delivering cutting edge technology

Collaborations and joint research projects with international entities and partners provide a strong R&D workforce allowing for the development of innovative products and solutions with the most advanced competitive advantages in all Sphere Ultrafast Photonics portfolio and custom systems.

Papers and Articles

1. Compression of CEP-stable multi-mJ laser pulses down to 4 fs in long hollow fibers
Frederik Böhle, Martin Kretschmar, Aurélie Jullien, Mate Kovacs, Miguel Miranda, Rosa Romero, Helder Crespo, Uwe Morgner, Peter Simon, Rodrigo Lopez-Martens and Tamas Nagy
Laser Physics Letters 06/2014; 11(9):095401;jsessionid=6F899613B8CB152FC520F4CB0033E674.c1

2. Simultaneous compression, characterization and phase stabilization of GW-level 1.4 cycle VIS-NIR femtosecond pulses using a single dispersion-scan setup
Francisco Silva, Miguel Miranda, Benjamín Alonso, Jens Rauschenberger, Vladimir Pervak and Helder Crespo
5 May 2014 | Vol. 22, No. 9 | DOI:10.1364/OE.22.010181 | OPTICS EXPRESS 10181

3. Ultrashort laser pulse characterization from dispersion scans: a comparison with SPIDER
Miguel Miranda, Piotr Rudawski, Chen Guo, Francisco Silva, Cord L. Arnold, Thomas Binhammer, Helder Crespo and Anne L’Huillier
Lasers and Electro-Optics (CLEO), 2013 Conference on, 9-14 June 2013

4. Near to mid-IR ultra-broadband third harmonic generation in multilayer graphene: few-cycle pulse measurement using THG dispersion-scan
Francisco Silva, Miguel Miranda, Stephan Teichmann, M Baudish, Mathieu Massicotte, Frank Koppens, Jens Biegert and Helder Crespo
CLEO: Science and Innovations, 2013/6/9, Pages CW1H. 5

5. Measuring few-cycle laser pulses: a comparative study between dispersion- scan and FROG
Francisco Silva, Miguel Miranda and Helder Crespo
Lasers and Electro-Optics Europe (CLEO EUROPE/IQEC), 2013 Conference on and International Quantum Electronics Conference, 12-16 May 2013

6. Characterization of sub-two-cycle pulses from a hollow-core fiber compressor in the spatiotemporal and spatiospectral domains
Benjamín Alonso, Miguel Miranda, Francisco Silva, Vladimir Pervak, Jens Rauschenberger, Julio San Román, Íñigo J. Sola and Helder Crespo
Appl. Phys. B 112(1), 105–114 (2013)

7. Characterization of broadband few-cycle laser pulses with the d-scan technique
Miguel Miranda, Cord L. Arnold, Thomas Fordell, Francisco Silva, Benjamín Alonso, Rosa Weigand, Anne L’Huillier and Helder Crespo
13 August 2012 / Vol. 20, No. 17 / OPTICS EXPRESS 18732

8. Spatiotemporal characterization of few-cycle laser pulses
Benjamín Alonso, Miguel Miranda, Íñigo J. Sola and Helder Crespo
30 July 2012 / Vol. 20, No. 16 / OPTICS EXPRESS 17880

9. Simultaneous compression and characterization of ultrashort laser pulses using chirped mirrors and glass wedges
Miguel Miranda, Thomas Fordell, Cord Arnold, Anne L’Huillier and Helder Crespo
2 January 2012 / Vol. 20, No. 1 / OPTICS EXPRESS 688