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The d-shot is a compact system for measuring ultrafast laser pulses with spectrum supporting 10-70 fs and at repetition rates ranging from sub-Hz to hundreds of kHz or MHz. Coupling the laser beam into the d-shot is easily achieved in less than five minutes, and a full measurement (including retrieval) usually takes less than 10 seconds. The intuitiveness of the d-shot trace provides instant visual feedback for the optimisation of your source. This d-shot system is a practical tool for real-time alignment and optimisation of your compressor or pulse shaper, or even for measuring the pulse duration after your spectral broadening stage. A proprietary retrieval algorithm provides fast and accurate retrieval of the full electric field of the pulses.

(a) Single-shot d-scan trace of an output pulse generated by a Ti:Sapphire femtosecond amplifier.
(b) Spectral intensity (black) and retrieved phase (red) of the pulse.
(c) Temporal intensity (black) and phase (red) of the pulse, with an intensity FWHM of 25.4 fs.

Key features

Online acquisition of a complete d-shot trace from a single laser pulse using a new patent pending architecture.

Pulse duration range from 10 to 70 fs.

Complete retrieval of the electric field of the pulses with outstanding reliability and precision using the retrieval algorithm.

Technical specifications

Wavelength range 650-1050 nm
Pulse duration (transform limited) 10 fs to 70 fs
Chirp range 3000 fs2 (a)
Repetition rate single shot - MHz (b)
Input polarization Horizontal
Input aperture diameter 2 mm
Input energy >10 µJ
Dimensions (WxLxH) 195 x 302 x 112 mm

(a) Other chirp ranges on request
(b) Single pulse measurements for repetitions rates < 1 kHz





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