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d-scan is an inline, compact and high-performance device for the simultaneous measurement and compression of even the most demanding ultrafast pulses. d-scan can be used either as a standalone system or integrated with existing optical pulse compressors. It handles broadband oscillators, amplifiers, OPAs and hollow-fiber compressors.

Coupling your beam into the d-scan is easily achieved in less than one minute and a full measurement takes less than 10 seconds. The resulting d-scan traces are very intuitive and a proprietary retrieval algorithm provides fast and accurate retrieval of the full electric field of the pulses.

Measurement examples




Few-cycle Ti:Sapphire oscillator: Measured (a) and retrieved (b) d-scan traces. (c) Measured spectrum (black) and retrieved spectral phase (red). (d) Retrieved temporal profile (black) and phase (red). Pulse duration is 5.5 ± 0.1 fs (FWHM).


For more details please check:
M. Miranda, P. Rudawski, C. Guo, F. Silva, C. Arnold, T. Binhammer, H. Crespo, and A. L'Huillier, “Ultrashort laser pulse characterization from dispersion scans: a comparison with SPIDER,” in CLEO: 2013, OSA Technical Digest (online) (Optical Society of America, 2013), paper JTh2A.31 (San Jose, CA, USA, 9-14 June 2013).




Single-cycle hollow-fiber compressor: Measured (a) and retrieved (b) d-scan traces. (c) Measured spectrum (black) and retrieved spectral phase with standard deviation (red). (d) Retrieved temporal profile for the wedge insertion that minimizes the pulse duration, corresponding to 3.2 fs (1.3 cycles at 740 nm).


For more details please check:
F. Silva, M. Miranda, B. Alonso, J. Rauschenberger, V. Pervak, and H. Crespo, “Simultaneous compression, characterization and phase stabilization of GW-level 1.4 cycle VIS-NIR femtosecond pulses using a single dispersion-scan setup,” Opt. Express 22, 10181-10191 (2014)

Technical specifications


  D-SCAN (a) D-SCAN BLUE (b)
Wavelength range 600-1050 nm 450-1050 nm
Pulse duration (transform limited) From sub-5 fs to 20 fs From 2.5 fs to 10 fs
Chirp range 750 fs2 375 fs2
Repetition rate 1 kHz and above (c)
Input polarization Horizontal
Maximum beam diameter 5 mm 10 mm
Required input energy >100 pJ @ 80 MHz
>5 µJ @ 1 kHz
Compression module dimensions (WxLxH) 57 x 57 x 116 mm
Measuring head dimensions (WxLxH) 240 x 200 x 102mm

(a) Optimized for oscillators
(b) Optimized for hollow fiber compressors
(c) Lower repetition rates possible with external synch option
* Vacuum compatible systems available on request





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