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The d-cycle is the system of choice for fast and accurate measurement of even the most demanding ultrafast pulses, down to ultra-broadband spectra and single-cycle durations - the shortest for any commercially available device. Its versatile and standalone architecture handles a variety of state-of-the-art ultrashort pulse sources, from broadband laser oscillators, amplifiers and OPAs to hollow-core fiber compressors. The d-cycle’s compact footprint packs a dispersion-calibrated system that measures your pulses exactly as they are, without any ambiguities. Coupling your beam into the d-cycle is easily achieved in less than one minute and a full measurement takes less than 10 seconds. The intuitiveness of the d-cycle trace provides instant visual feedback for optimisation and control of your source via d-cycle’s unique graphical user interface - the Virtual LogbookTM - and the proprietary d-scan retrieval algorithm provides fast and accurate retrieval of the complete temporal profile of the pulses.

Technical specifications

Wavelength range2 (a) 450-1050 nm
Pulse duration (transform limited)2 (b) sub-3 fs to 12 fs
Repetition rate 1 kHz and above (c)
Input polarization Horizontal
Input aperture diameter 2 mm
Input energy >100 pJ @ 80 MHz; >10 µJ @ 1kHz
Dimensions (WxLxH) 190 x 235 x 135 mm

(a) Other wavelengths available upont request (700-1400nm)
(b) System chirped range: from 200fs up to 1000fs
(c) Single pulse measurements for repetitions rates < 1 kHz





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