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Investment from 2bpartner

* Leading technology in the area of ultrafast lasers, created at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Porto, is raising interest among customers in France, Germany and the United States of America

2bpartner, a venture capital company majoritively owned by the dst group, and manager of the fund Minho Innovation and Internationalization, announced the investment of 350 000 euros in the project Sphere Ultrafast Photonics, aiming at the development of a new technology in the field of ultrafast lasers and applications. With a highly qualified team, Sphere Ultrafast Photonics has advanced skills that will lead innovative technology to high-tech industry. The company's first product is the d-scan, which incorporates a new architecture capable of measuring and controlling ultrashort laser pulses with unprecedented durations (down to three femtoseconds).

In a first stage, the target market for this product are research institutes and R&D departments of companies using femtosecond lasers for the development of equipments for medical applications or processing of materials. The largest share of these products is intended for the foreign market, and contacts have already been established in countries like France, Germany and the United States of America for the commercialization of the first units.

Founded in 2007 by AIMinho, 2bpartner's mission is to identify entrepreneurs and ambitious management teams with innovative projects and ideas with great potential. Specializing in venture capital, it manages the fund Minho Innovation and Internationalization, created in 2011, with the majority of its capital acquired by the dst group in 2012. In the next two years, 2bpartner expects to conduct 20 investments in innovative projects with potential for internationalization. Therefore, entrepreneurs are encouraged to submit their business project on the company website:

For Jose Teixeira, president of the Board of Directors of the dst group, 2bpartner puts 'a very strong focus on innovation and business diversification, supporting ambitious projects whose path will inevitably be internationalization", noting that “many ideas have value and only need an initial investment so they can flourish. This is the mission of 2bpartner and the major objective of the fund Minho Innovation and Internationalization", he concluded.

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