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d-scan technology produces 3 fs, near-single-cycle CEP-stable pulses

We have temporally characterized, dispersion compensated and carrier-envelope phase stabilized 1.4-cycle pulses (3.2 fs) with 160 uJ of energy at 722 nm using a minimal and convenient dispersion-scan setup. The setup is all inline, does not require interferometric beamsplitting, and uses components available in most laser laboratories. Broadband minimization of third-order dispersion using propagation in water enabled reducing the compressed pulse duration from 3.8 to 3.2 fs with the same set of chirped mirrors. Carrier-envelope phase stabilization of the octave-spanning pulses was also performed by the dispersion-scan setup. This unprecedentedly simple and reliable approach provides reproducible CEP-stabilized pulses in the single-cycle regime for applications such as CEP-sensitive spectroscopy and isolated attosecond pulse generation.

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