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CLEO 2014, Technology transfer program

“d-scan: A New Patent Pending Technology for Measuring and Compressing Ultrashort Laser Pulses"
Presented by Rosa Romero, CEO of Sphere Ultrafast Photonics

The d-scan, a new patent pending technology will be presented. The d-scan allows for high-quality, robust and reliable control and measurement of ultrafast laser pulses down to unprecedentedly short durations (below 4 fs). Such performance is well above that of the best available commercial pulse diagnostics based on other technologies. The unique in-Iine configuration of d-scan allows for the best performance in the market in the ultrafast few-cycle regime. The d-scan has also two functions in one device: compression and measurement. This new technology will facilitate manufacture and optimization of few-cycle laser systems and will open the door to industrial and biomedical applications of such lasers currently hindered by the lack of a robust and accurate control for their demanding pulses. The d-scan is now available in the market and it is manufactured and distributed by Sphere Ultrafast Photonics.

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